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Protecting the Environment Makes Business Sense to Muckle LLP

24th Jun 2011

Leading North East commercial law firm Muckle LLP is reducing its carbon footprint and boosting its green credentials by buying eco-friendly PCs.

Muckle LLP has purchased 145 VeryPC BroadLeaf computers, which will be installed by August this year, emphasising its commitment to the environment and saving thousands of pounds a year in energy costs.

VeryPc is an approved supplier on the Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Financing scheme, and the computers have the lowest carbon footprint of any in their class.

Andrew Black, Head of IT at Muckle LLP, said: !Purchasing these PCs was a win-win situation. As well as upgrading our existing system and improving efficiencies, the project allows us to radically reduce our energy consumption over the long-term.

The move also shows everyone that we are serious about driving down our carbon footprint. The importance of this shouldn't be ignored as the impact that a company makes on the environment is increasingly becoming a consideration in the selection process for some sectors.

We are the first large law firm in the UK to show our operational environmental commitment with the purchase of these PCs, which fits with our aspiration to be innovative with IT."

With recent reports suggesting that energy prices are set to increase by 25% over the next decade, Muckle LLP's investment looks set to be repaid in just five years.

The British-made BroadLeaf PCs achieve the lowest carbon footprint of any other PC because:

  • the units are energy efficient and super efficient cooling fans dissipate heat through the base;
  • the chassis are made of aluminium so they are 100% recyclable; and
  • having an 80% lower embedded carbon footprint (against comparable PCs).
Above photo (from left to right): Andy Noyland, Matthew Dawson, Paul Ashton and Andrew Black (Head of IT at Muckle LLP).  

For more information about Muckle LLP, please telephone 0191 211 7777 or visit Muckle LLP’s website

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