UK keen to remain in EU energy market

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Energy Secretary Greg Clark has made it clear that he would like the UK to stay within the EU energy market post Brexit as the country tries to secure the best deal it can.

Mr Clark made the statement while giving evidence to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. He said: “It is very much in our interest to continue to participate in the energy market and expand those interconnections, especially in Ireland.

“I think it would be better if we continue (in it) and a bad thing if that were to be disrupted.”

Last year Britain imported 6% of its electricity from interconnectors with France, Holland and Ireland and new interconnectors being developed could provide as much as 20% of Britain’s electricity demand by the early 2020s.

Energy expert insight

Given that the UK is in the middle of expanding its interconnection for both electricity and gas, particularly with European Union partners, stable trading and connection arrangements are very important. The UK is expected to rely on interconnection for a significant proportion of its energy supply more and more in the future. Again stability in the trading and supply arrangements will be very important for the UK’s energy economy as we leave the union.”

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