UK to improve or miss EU energy goal

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The UK is set to miss its EU target of providing 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, although the electricity target looks achievable.

Hitting the 2020 target
By 2020 wind, solar and other low-carbon sources must provide:

  • 30% of the UK’s electricity;
  • 12% of the UK’s heating; and
  • 10% of UK transport fuels.


The UK is set to achieve the 2020 target in electricity and is three quarters of the way there already.  However the heating energy and transport fuels target fall way behind.

Feeling the heat

In transport and heat are less than halfway towards meeting their goals.  The heating target is only advisory, but the electricity and transport targets are legally binding.  This is a real concern for the transport sector, where the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) is capped at 4.75%, well below EU expectations.

MPs call for reform
The Energy and Climate Change Committee suggests reform in the heat and transport sectors.  MP’s say the RTFO cap should be increased and support for renewable heat should be shifted from heat pumps to bio-methane.

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