Teesside MP re-ignites low carbon ambition

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Andy MacDonald, MP for Middlesbrough, has called for Teesside’s ambition to develop a low carbon economy to become a reality.

The MP was speaking after the Tees Valley Combined Authority and the North East Process Industry group confirmed a six month project to ‘take advantage’ of the region’s industrial assets and play a key role in carbon capture and storage, district heating, hydrogen economy and large-scale energy storage.

It is hoped the project will help ‘re-ignite’ interest in carbon capture and storage being developed by the Teesside collective group, and ultimately provide fresh growth in the local economy.

Andy MacDonald said: “I very much welcome the commitment to produce a new strategy to reinforce the region’s low carbon credentials.

“But, given that the case for carbon capture and utilisation, district heating and the hydrogen economy has been made over the last several years, it really is the time to get down to making this ambition a reality. If we delay it will be too late to keep our existing industries let alone attract new inward investment.

Energy expert analysis

The renewed interest generally in the region for developing a low carbon economy is positive. We hope that by incorporating carbon capture and storage, district heating, energy storage and perhaps hydrogen, with support available through the Clean Growth Strategy, this low carbon drive will bear fruit in the near future.

Alastair Fells MEI, Incorporated Eng, PG Dip Fuel Tech, BSc Hons

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