Protect Your Business during Contract Negotiations

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Our experienced Energy Team is helping businesses to reduce their risks in meeting the contractual demands of customers, who may often appear larger and more powerful during negotiations.

Our team is here to help you compete and succeed in the energy supply chain to review any areas of contractual uncertainty and address important clauses within contractual arrangements. We can also provide indicators for managing and minimising risk, including identifying ways you can limit potentially onerous commercial liabilities imposed upon you.

Take a few moments to consider these key contractual areas.  Ask yourself if you are confident with the levels of risk being imposed upon your operations:

  • the limit of your liabilities and indemnities;
  • how you use of a retention of title clause to retain legal ownership of the goods supplied;
  • your ownership of copyright and Intellectual Property protection;
  • implications of delay risks and damages;
  • payment terms; and
  • how any disputes can be resolved.

If you have any doubt of the strength or weakness of your position, then please contact us because proactive legal advice avoids problems once contracts are agreed.

Contact Robert Langley on 0191 211 7975 or by email at [email protected].