Newcastle pledges £millions to reduce landfill

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A £375m-plus innovation drive is being launched to root out new technology that will boost recycling and slash the amount of the city’s rubbish that is sent to landfill.

Newcastle City Council is looking for a long-term solution to reducing its total 140,000 tonnes per year waste stream and reliance on landfill for 34,000 tonnes of residual waste per year. The announcement comes as the city’s waste and recycling chiefs consider their options once their current waste management contract with Suez ends in 2025.

New contract plans for 2022

Councillor Nick Kemp, Newcastle City Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “With our residual waste contract coming up for renewal, we are determined to ensure we find a new waste service which has the smallest-possible environmental impact, minimises costs and avoids landfill.

“As a council we have declared a climate emergency and are committed to making Newcastle carbon neutral by 2030. To support this, we are seeking to divert all but the unavoidable waste from landfill, which will further cut our emissions to build on significant reductions already made since 2010.

“We will be looking to award the waste treatment contract by 2022 and we are excited to see some of the innovative technologies contractors come forward to help us achieve our ambitions around climate change and protecting the environment.”

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