Net zero: 2050

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The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee confirmed a bill is being put to parliament committing the UK to net zero climate change emissions by 2050.

Zero tolerance policy

A government statement says Prime Minister Theresa May is committing the UK to eradicating its net contribution to climate change by 2050. It claims that the UK will be the first G7 economy country to legislate on the issue, however other economies are expected to follow in the near future.

The new much tougher commitment on climate changing emissions should increase the move towards investment in cleaner electricity and heat generation together with cleaner transport energy such as electric and potentially hydrogen powered vehicles, also of course carbon-based emission mitigation measures such as carbon capture, use and storage.

Proud climate change record

Theresa May commented: “As the first country to legislate for long-term climate targets, we can be truly proud of our record in tackling climate change. We have made huge progress in growing our economy and the jobs market while slashing emissions.

“Now is the time to go further and faster to safeguard the environment for our children. This country led the world in innovation during the Industrial Revolution, and now we must lead the world to a cleaner, greener form of growth.

“Standing by is not an option. Reaching net zero by 2050 is an ambitious target, but it is crucial that we achieve it to ensure we protect our planet for future generations.”

Energy expert view

“This is a significant announcement which has come as a bit of a surprise. Providing the government backs up this move with significant support, particularly in the heat and transport sectors then we should at least see a step change in the movement towards a ‘net zero climate change’ economy, even if that goal seems hugely challenging at present.” Alastair Fells MEI, Incorporated Eng, PG Dip Fuel Tech, BSc Hons

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