National Grid and RES strike new energy storage deal

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Renewable Energy Systems (RES) has won a four year contract with National Grid to use battery storage systems to help National Grid perform its system balancing role.

Frequency response support

The company’s system will provide frequency response support to the network within a second of a deviation being detected.  The two companies have been working on developing this service since 2014 and is expected to be fully operational within 18 months.

This initial project is a forerunner to National Grid’s upcoming tender for 200MW of enhanced frequency response.  With the country transitioning to a generation mix with greater levels of renewable energy both services will help National Grid in supporting the network.

Improved integrity

Adam Sims, senior account manager at National Grid said: “This is the first time that battery storage will be used to provide such fast-acting frequency response service to the national transmission network in Great Britain. This innovative technology will enable us to respond to frequency issues in under a second, helping to maintain the integrity of the grid”.

RES energy storage manager, John Prendergast said: “RES has previously pioneered the delivery of very fast frequency services in Canada and is one of the largest providers of such services in the USA.  Now, developing this innovative service with National Grid is a major step in the development of RES’ UK energy storage business”.

RES has already commissioned six similar projects in North America.

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