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Over the three month period September to November 2013:

  • although primary energy consumption was down 3%, there was an actual increase of 1.4% on a temperature adjusted basis;
  • bioenergy generation went up 19% mainly due to higher consumption of biomass at Drax;
  • coal production decreased by over a third due to mine closures and geological conditions;
  • domestic gas and electricity prices went up by 7% and 6% (respectively) in December 2013 following price increases from 4 of the big 6 suppliers;
  • coal provided over 40% of electricity generation, with gas at 26% and nuclear at 21.1%;
  • there was a gain of 4% in the share of low carbon generation in this period;
  • wind generation increased by 29%, comprising increases to offshore wind (by 36%) and onshore wind (24%).

Statistics taken from the Department of Energy & Climate change.

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