DECC Make Statement regarding Onshore Wind Policy but Confusion Remains

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Recent press reports have stated that newly appointed Energy Minister, John Hayes, had briefed against further development of onshore wind. Hayes is quoted as saying: …we can “no longer have wind turbines imposed on communities” and added that it “seems extraordinary” they have allowed to spread so much throughout the country (The Telegraph, 30 October 2012).

DECC have published a statement in response saying there has been no change in government policy towards renewable energy. They refer to the 2011 Renewable Energy Roadmap published by DECC indicating anticipated growth trajectories for differing renewable technologies to reach 30% renewable electricity by 2020. The statement goes on to reaffirm there are no official targets for individual technologies and that onshore wind remains one of the lowest cost renewable technologies.

However, Chancellor George Osborne’s father in law, Lord Howell and Peter Lilley the senior Conservative MP, have been secretly filmed claiming the Chancellor shares their opposition to building more onshore wind turbines. Lord Howell is quoted as saying: “The Prime Minister is not familiar with these issues; doesn’t understand them… Osborne is of course getting this message and is putting pressure on.” (The Independent, 15 November 2012).

Read the full DECC statement here.

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