DECC Latest Quarterly Energy Statistics Update

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The latest quarterly energy statistics have been published by DECC for third quarter of 2012. These statistics cover energy production and consumption together with analysis and data on renewables, covering domestic and industrial prices and analysis:

  • UK indigenous production of fuels was 7.3% lower than the same period in 2011; oil was 12.1 % down and gas 11.3% down due to maintenance work and field delays;
  • Overall primary energy consumption for energy uses was up by 1.2% over the period;
  • For electricity generation during the period, gas supplied 28.2%, coal 35.4%, nuclear 22.3% and renewables 11.7%; the overall figure for low carbon generation was 34.0%. The gas figure is the lowest share (for the third quarter) for 14 years, attributed to high prices, whilst the coal figure is the highest for fourteen years; and
  • Offshore wind output was up over the period by 54% whilst onshore was up by 38%; hydro output was down by 16% due to lower rainfall in North Scotland.

The full press release can be viewed here.

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