Corbyn calls for European unity over energy

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During a key speech delivered in late February on ‘Britain after Brexit’, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed they want the UK to stay within the EU’s Internal Energy Market and the Euratom nuclear co-operation treaty.

While speaking about supporting the development of the low carbon energy sector, Corbyn highlighted the claim from the Green Alliance that trade in low carbon goods and services contributed £42bn to the economy in 2015. He also pointed out that the growth of the low carbon and renewables sector was expected to produce around 2 million jobs and contribute substantially to the economy.

No barriers to low carbon trade

Corbyn added: “But that needs us to maintain our standards to ensure barrier-free trade of low carbon goods. These include eco-design and energy labelling standards, greenhouse gas emission standards for vehicles, the internal energy market, construction product standards, chemical regulations and nuclear safety and safeguards.

“So the importance of getting our Brexit settlement right is vital in this area both in terms of Britain’s industrial role in reducing climate change and in terms of protecting jobs and industry.”

The Labour leader also recently said that his party would look to re-nationalise the UK’s energy supply sector in order to tackle ‘climate catastrophe’, adding: “We need to take back control of our energy system because, as Nicholas Stern described, ‘the greatest market failure the world has seen’ is climate change.”

Energy expert view

“The energy sector is certainly keen to see arrangements in place that will allow operations to continue with as little additional friction as possible during and after the ‘Brexit’ process, something that would greatly benefit not just the energy sector but all energy consumers. No doubt this will be an important part of eventual arrangements but the current lack of clarity is certainly not helping those who have to make key decisions within the sector.”
Alastair Fells MEI, Incorporated Eng, PG Dip Fuel Tech, BSc Hons

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