Burbo Bank to become world’s first battery-operated wind farm

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DONG Energy is due to become the first to install a battery operated system into its Burbo Bank offshore wind farm. The installation will help the offshore wind developer control and maintain a 50hz frequency throughout the grid. The 2MW battery system is to be installed by the end of the year as part of the 90MW wind farm project.

Stability increased

Frequency response is important in terms of grid stability: if the frequency of electricity transmitted across the grid varies outside of certain limits this will affect everything connected to the system from domestic appliances up to power stations. The ability to manage frequency response by using, for example, a rapid response battery system, will help the National Grid maintain stable supplies.

“cleaner and more sustainable.”

Ole Kjems Sørensen, Senior Vice President, Partnerships/M&A and Asset Management at DONG Energy said: “ We’re excited to use battery technology to demonstrate wind power and battery hybrid capability. With eight existing offshore wind farms in the UK, and another four under construction, we expect to leverage further technology improvements and innovations to ensure that DONG Energy supports the stability of grid systems as generation capacity becomes cleaner and more sustainable.”

DONG Energy are also setting a new record for the size of the turbines they have installed at their Burbo Bank extension project in Liverpool Bay, with 32 8MW turbines being installed, each taller than the London Gherkin building, making them the largest to be installed on a commercial basis to date. The turbines are twice the capacity of those used on the neighbouring Burbo Bank project built ten years ago and are expected to help to drive down offshore wind electricity costs.

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