Battery storage plant to power 1000 homes

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Waste management business Veolia has installed a lithium ion battery based energy storage plant at its Ellesmere Port site, which hosts its 100,000 tonne per year high temperature incinerator.

The development aims to improve the site’s energy and environmental performance while also providing grid balancing services to the National Grid. The battery storage unit is rated at 500kW/385kWh and is capable of providing enough power for 1000 homes. The plant can also maintain essential load provision in the event of a power outage at the site.

‘Decentralise, decarbonise and digitalise the grid’

Richard Kirkman, chief technology and innovation officer at Veolia UK and Ireland, said: “This innovative project will help support the national ambition to decentralise, decarbonise and digitalise the grid, while supporting overloaded grid networks.

“As a working test-bed it has proved how the technology can help similar industries significantly improve their energy costs. On a wider scale the installation also shows how Veolia can leverage flexibility in power consumption and generation to generate extra savings, and give industry greater energy security as we transition to more renewable energy.”

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