Arenko and GE connection sparks major battery storage project

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GE and Arenko Group have formed a ‘strategic alliance’ to build grid scale electricity storage installations in the UK.
The companies will be building one of the world’s largest commercial electricity battery storage installations at 41MW capacity, at a strategic position in the Midlands. It will provide on demand power equivalent to that of 100,000 UK homes.

Long term, sustainable battery storage

The installation will combine GE and Arenko’s control technologies and be operated using Arenko’s software. The project is aimed at alleviating demand pressure on the UK’s electricity system and providing flexibility to help manage electricity delivery and supply security. The alliance’s aim is to build long term, commercially sustainable, electricity battery storage facilities which don’t rely on subsidies and incentives.

Mirko Molinari, Global Commercial & Marketing Executive, Energy Storage at GE Power, said: “Energy storage will help balance supply and demand close to real time, avoiding frequency drifts and supporting the mid-term response to grid imbalances.”

“The flexibility it offers smooths the fluctuating nature of renewable energy, provides quick reserves when needed, stores excess energy generation and much more. Energy storage will enable a more efficient system for a more reliable supply of electricity to consumers.”

Creating a low carbon, low cost future

Rupert Newland, Arenko Group Chief Executive, added: “Arenko’s new battery system will provide much needed flexibility to the UK grid, reducing waste and helping to make energy bills cheaper for households and businesses. This project is very significant in addressing the UK’s long-term energy security concerns, enabling the transition to a low carbon energy future.”

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