Acas Early Conciliation: First Year Statistics

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Acas has now published statistics showing the impact of the first year of Early Conciliation (EC).  The key statistics include:

  • over 83,000 EC cases were dealt with between April 2014 and March 2015; and,
  • three out of four employees and employers agreed to try EC.

Of the EC cases dealt with you may like to note the following:

  • 63% of cases did not proceed to a tribunal claim;
  • 15% of cases resulted in a formal COT3 settlement;
  • 22% of cases progressed to a tribunal claim; and
  • of the 22% in which a claim was issued, more than half (51%) subsequently settled by way of an Acas COT3.

You can read many things into the figures but it is clearly the case that the tribunal fee regime has had a big impact on both the tribunals and Acas – their work loads are going in the opposite directions.

We are expecting the outcome of the recent union led judicial review into the fees regime. We will keep you posted.

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