£12m boost for Port of Blyth

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Port of Blyth is moving ahead with a major £12m expansion in its business, with offshore decommissioning and energy services playing a key part, generating up to 500 jobs. The investment will see improvements to its terminal infrastructure and new warehousing, new cranes and quay strengthening.

The trust port is now one of the fastest expanding in the UK. It saw a 17% increase in turnover during 2017, supported by an expansion in offshore activities and a successful application for a decommissioning license from the Environment Agency.

Generating jobs and investment

Chief executive Martin Lawlor said: “With major works at both our South Harbour and Wimbourne Quay terminals on behalf of incoming clients from the offshore energy sector soon to be completed, we are now turning our attention to long term projects elsewhere in the port that will generate both jobs and inward investment.

“We will shortly begin work to join our Bates and Wimbourne Quay terminals in order to offer clients a more flexible and future-proofed single terminal while work to develop both our dry bulk handling and offshore decommissioning offerings at our Battleship Wharf terminal will follow.”

Energy expert analysis

“In another boost for the region, the developments at Port of Blyth are echoing UK wide development in the energy sector, with offshore wind moving forward as technology develops and costs fall. North Sea oil and gas is looking more positive with the rise in oil prices and the longer term opportunity from offshore decommissioning.” Alastair Fells MEI, Incorporated Eng, PG Dip Fuel Tech, BSc Hons

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