Muckle involved as plan for new North East nuclear power heats up

Thousands of jobs could be created in the North East after a partnership was launched to build a new type of nuclear power station across the UK.

Delivering the goods

Understanding your supply chain is perhaps the most Brexit-critical action facing your business in the run up to the UK’s exit from the EU. …

Review: DfE’s Best practice guidance for school complaints procedures 2019

A best practice checklist for you to consider against your complaints procedure.

Better off with an NDA or nada?

Our experts review the use of non-disclosure agreements, with some best practice advice on how to use them appropriately.

Blue Christmas: A cautionary tale

You might be off-site and off the clock, but employers can still be liable for their employees’ behaviour, as this case proves.

Rogue One: A vicarious liability data breach story

A recent Court of Appeal case found an employer liable for the actions of a rogue employee, even though they played no direct part in their employee’s wrong doing. We’ve got some advice on how to avoid falling foul of vicarious liability.

No deal, all change?

As the clock runs down towards March 29, we’ll all be hearing more about ‘WTO rules’ – a lot more. What are they, and …

What Brexit may mean for Dispute Resolution – Part 2

Following on from our first instalment of ‘What Brexit may mean for Dispute Resolution’, we now look to examine the impact that Brexit may …

Cutting emissions through carbon capture

The government sees value in carbon capture utilisation and storage, but how will this be

Innovative new power station planned for Teesside

Teesside beats tough competition to score the UK’s first commercial full-chain carbon capture
utilisation and storage (CCUS) project