A brighter future for children of the North

Following the recent ‘Growing up North’ report we have compiled an overview of the main headlines and recommendations to keep you up to date.

Risky business? Weigh up the costs and the benefits of the RPA

Does your academy have a risk protection arrangement (RPA) in place? Learn more about the DfE’s latest guidance for academies.

Biometric Analysis: Dactyloscopy dialled down

With more schools and colleges looking into fingerprint, retina or facial recognition technology, our experts explain some of the practicalities of introducing this in education.

GDP…Argh or Ahhh?

From sighs of relief to screams of frustration, GDPR has evoked many emotions. For some rational advice for schools – read our review of the DfE’s new data protection toolkit.

Service by SMS

Sending a text is often the most convenient way to communicate these days. However, it is unusual to think of the court allowing official documents to be served in this manner.

Truckloads of compensation to be claimed

Does your business buy or lease trucks? If so, you could be owed thousands of pounds of compensation.

Wearside battery firm goes global

See how a landmark deal to sell into Asian market boosted North East based Hyperdrive Innovation’s growth plans.

£6bn for energy efficiency and fuel poverty measures

Learn more about the government’s flagship scheme focused on driving down energy bills for low income households.

Government taps into Hydrogen fuel tech

Department of Transport (DfT) backs a consortium of businesses to develop ‘zero emission’ hydrogen technology with multi-million pound investment.

Banking on sustainable energy

NatWest to make billions of pounds of funding available for UK sustainable energy projects.