DEFRA publishes long-awaited Agriculture Bill

Brexit is, quite understandably, a white-hot topic at present. The political shenanigans on both sides have become predictably tedious, but we’ve now finally had …

Analysing the pay gap

Now the first mandatory gender pay reports are live, our experts take a look at the key trends and discuss what’s next in narrowing the gap.

High heels scandal

Outrage was sparked when a women was sent home from work for not wearing high heels. Three years later, what has changed?


In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal, read what the Women and Equalities Committee has recommended for workplaces everywhere.

Is a handwritten signature now a thing of the past?

There is an increasing demand for modern more convenient ways of entering into binding transactions, electronic signatures are just one way that technology advances …

New landmarks on the data protection horizon

In the as yet unsettled waters of privacy and data protection, GDPR expert Gillian Scribbins, of Muckle LLP, flags up the developments organisations should be aware of to stay afloat.

Protecting the Value of Your Company from Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax
Most business people will know that inheritance tax (IHT) applies to the transfer of assets. If the transfer takes place on death the …

Top tips for harmonious recruitment

When it comes to finding the right person to fill a role, recruitment agencies can be a massive help by doing a lot of …

Are you paying your data protection fee?

Gillian Scribbins, data protection specialist at leading law firm Muckle LLP, explores the data protection fee and the latest changes affecting what businesses need to pay.

How does it feel in practice?

There are more claims than there were, but there has not been a deluge and we do not expect one. Tribunals are using the …