Wind power blows coal away during 2016

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Electricity generated from coal fired power stations dropped dramatically in 2016, according to a recent analysis of the UK’s electricity supply.

The supply dropped from 22.5% in 2015 to just 9.2% during 2016, whilst electricity supplied by wind turbines was around 11.5%.

Reduction in coal fired generation is an aim of the UK government and also, in part, a response to regulatory and market instruments such as emissions control directives from Europe and carbon pricing in the UK.

Coal phase-out

The UK government has stated its aim of phasing out unabated coal fired generation by 2025 whilst three major coal fired stations have closed during the year.

Scotland has no coal fired grid connected electricity generation following the closure of Longannet power station. The country’s wind turbine productivity has also been remarkable, providing 100% of its electricity needs for two entire days during September. There have also been short periods, for the first time since the National Grid was founded in the 1930’s, where there has been no coal fired electricity generation at all.

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