20MW battery storage project bought by TRIG

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The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG) has bought the 20MW battery electricity storage project being developed by RES at Broxburn, West Lothian, in a £20m deal. RES will continue as site operations manager on the project, due to be commissioned in 2018.

The development involves a bespoke four year bi-laterally agreed, pre-enhanced frequency response (EFR) tender process. The project also entails a contract to supply dynamic, two way sub second balancing services to National Grid Electricity Transmission. With an expected lifetime of 15 years, the project is TRIG’s first battery storage project and RES’s fourth. It also sees TRIG’s energy portfolio grow to 774MW.

The importance of battery storage

Helen Mahy CBE, Chairman of TRIG, said: “The use of battery storage is becoming increasingly important in enabling grid networks to match fluctuations in the supply and demand of electricity and to stabilise power frequency.

“This becomes especially vital as the installed base of renewables generation increases. We are excited to be playing a part in this by investing in Broxburn, one of the first large-scale commercial power storage projects to be developed in the UK.”

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