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There are three things we concentrate on when working for Insureds and Insurers clients. These are: preparation, preparation and preparation.

We find everything out about an issue, undertake a realistic appraisal, and use our many years’ knowledge of insurance to set about getting the right outcome. In most cases this is achieved at the mediation stage, but when it isn’t we are happy to go toe-to-toe to realise client objectives.

To help us come out on top, we have ensured that our team includes Rob Langley, a prominent adjudicator and mediator with specialist knowledge of claims against architects, surveyors, engineers and design-and-build contractors. In addition to Rob’s invaluable expertise we also have particular knowledge of claims against financial professionals such as accountants, tax advisers, IFAs and valuers. All of which means that insurers and Claims Managers can be confident that with Muckle supporting them their clients are in the best possible hands.

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