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Employment Protection Insurance

To the best of our knowledge, no one has managed to perfect the crystal ball just yet. Which could explain why some clients still get a tad anxious about precisely how much employment law advice they’re going to need – and therefore how much it’s all going to end up costing them. Fortunately, however, they are worrying unnecessarily.

Mi Shield is an employment protection insurance scheme that provides a combination of our employment services for an all-inclusive fixed cost. The scheme allows you to manage employment risk, comply with legislation and protect against tribunal costs and awards. And best of all, the cost of Mi Shield is tailored to the size of each business. Taking into consideration claims history, making it both fair and affordable, no matter how large or small your operation.

Mi Shield also boasts a range of employment services, including a telephone helpline providing direct access to our team of expert lawyers, proactive support to ensure compliance with employment legislation, a fixed fee with no hidden costs, and total peace of mind because tribunal costs and awards are covered up to £250,000 per claim.

Sound interesting? Why not download a copy of our MI Shield Brochure.

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