Liberate B2C

If there’s technology out there that can make our service even better, then you can be sure we’ll be among the first to check it out.

Take Liberate B2C, for example. Our Debt Recovery Team works with this nifty, powerful bit of IT software because it enables clients to have a clear overview of matters from start to finish, as well as forward instructions to us without having to fill in forms or even pick up a phone. As you might imagine, this makes the service we provide fast, flexible and efficient.

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits that Liberate offers our clients:

  • allows access to information directly from this website via a unique client password;
  • allows instructions to be sent to us easily and without form-filling;
  • provides a powerful method of reviewing matters;
  • allows access to debt matters in a secure ‘real time’ environment;
  • enables tracking of progress at any time;
  • allows selected transaction details to be viewed and events to be monitored from letter-before-action stage to judgment or settlement; and
  • enables specific instructions to be provided to us.

Access Liberate B2C
To access Liberate B2C you need to sign in with using your user name and password.

If you would like to track your debt recovery matters, please contact Beverley Oliver, our Debt Recovery Support Manager, by calling 0191 211 7953, or email us at [email protected]