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    February 2019
  • Au revoir GDPR?

    What does leaving Europe mean for GDPR – an EU law? Data protection expert Gillian Scribbins examines the effects of Brexit on data protection.
    There …

    December 2018
  • Have you been framed?

    Data protection isn’t restricted to words and names. Here, Gillian Scribbins – data protection specialist at Muckle LLP, talks candidly about CCTV data processing.

    September 2018
  • New landmarks on the data protection horizon

    In the as yet unsettled waters of privacy and data protection, GDPR expert Gillian Scribbins, of Muckle LLP, flags up the developments organisations should be aware of to stay afloat.

    August 2018
  • Are you paying your data protection fee?

    Gillian Scribbins, data protection specialist at leading law firm Muckle LLP, explores the data protection fee and the latest changes affecting what businesses need to pay.