Brexit in Brief

With the clock ticking on the Brexit negotiations and the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU still shrouded in uncertainty, our commercial team will help you understand more about the post-Brexit legal landscape with the following resources to help prepare your business for Brexit Britain.

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    February 2019
  • Can brexit cause frustration?

    Brexit really does get everywhere. This week – property law.
    You may have heard of the ‘doctrine of frustration’ – essentially, where an unforeseen event …

  • Delivering the goods

    Understanding your supply chain is perhaps the most Brexit-critical action facing your business in the run up to the UK’s exit from the EU. …

    December 2018
  • Just about managing?

    We know what you’re thinking – Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Brexit, and what could be more festive than mince pies, mistletoe, carols, …

  • Brexhaustion

    As Theresa May returned to Europe this week to convince EU leaders to amend the withdrawal agreement, the EU and Civil Service separately announced …