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    March 2020
  • Landlord and Tenant Briefing

    The Coronavirus has seen the UK public retreat on a mass scale to the comfort of their own homes with the country in effect …

    September 2019
  • Labour set to target residential landlords

    Buy-to-let residential landlords have been hit hard by changes introduced by the current government

  • Rough wooing – an update

    The new Electronic Communications Code attempted to facilitate better mobile ‘phone reception and broadband coverage – and what rural business wouldn’t want that. So why is it causing such angst?

  • Promises, promises…

    Challenges to wills by relations being ‘disinherited’ by someone for whom they have worked or cared are not uncommon.

  • DEFRA publishes long-awaited Agriculture Bill

    Brexit is, quite understandably, a white-hot topic at present. The political shenanigans on both sides have become predictably tedious, but we’ve now finally had …