Solicitor Apprentices

Joseph Torre

Solicitor Apprentice

Joseph joined Muckle as one of three brand new Solicitor Apprentices in September. Although he has no previous legal background, he has settled in remarkably easily due to how friendly the environment around him has been. Joseph currently works in the Commercial and Employment teams and thus gets involved in a huge variety of work.

Outside of the office, Joseph love sports. Football and Cricket in particular. He is a huge Man United fan, much to the distaste of most of his family. He enjoys cricket throughout the summer, playing for his local side, Benwell Hill.

Joseph also loves spending time with his friends – whether they say the same about him, he’s not so sure.

Finally, If Joseph’s not at work, playing sports or with his friends, he will most likely be spending time with his family. Having three younger brothers means down time and space aren’t really an option, so he’s always pretty busy.

Joseph Torre