Kevin Maloney


20 years qualified

In advising the firm’s energy-sector clients on their borrowing arrangements and project finance transactions, Kevin deals with facility and security documentation, as well as due diligence and security arrangements around specific key contracts relating to projects.

During a recent transaction he advised on the involved funding of a £16m biomass facility. This encompassed construction, property and specific commercial due diligence in relation to supply agreements and co-firing agreements with the relevant power stations. As well as advising on the usual facility and security documentation, Kevin also advised on specific security relating to supply and co-firing agreements.

Outside work, Kevin loves playing and watching sport, snowboarding, hiking and travelling.  He took a four month sabbatical at the end of 2009 to allow him to follow these passions. For those who are interested, his favourite country visited so far is New Zealand, while the most interesting would have to be, he reckons, Japan.

Kevin Maloney