Jill Donabie


18 years qualified

Despite the fact that she is a fully qualified dance teacher and psychologist with lots of letters after her name, what Jill actually enjoys most is managing complex employment matters. Especially the kind where she is able to apply her vast knowledge and experience of dealing with employment and HR across a broad spectrum of issues.

In particular, Jill’s years of experience working in the education sector means she has an in-depth grasp of the issues faced by schools, colleges and universities and is therefore able to tailor her advice accordingly. This has proved invaluable in her recent work, which has involved managing TUPE transfers and complex issues around academy conversions, as well as advising schools, colleges and universities on performance and attendance issues.

As she is spending an increasing proportion of her time advising schools that wish to move away from local authority control as they convert to Academy status, you could be forgiven for thinking that work takes up most of Jill’s life. Not so. Apparently that honour goes to her two children.

Jill Donabie