Data Protection

Alan Grisedale


The law hasn’t always been Alan’s true calling in life. In fact before studying and training to be a lawyer he actually completed an apprenticeship and worked for seven years as an upholsterer.

Since 2007, however, Alan has been a part of the fabric at Muckle, where his experience as a commercial contracts lawyer has been brought to bear across a range of contractual and transactional arrangements. Having worked on secondment for a regional university in recent years, Alan has a clear understanding of client priorities and the impact of the different approaches taken by organisations operating both in the public and private sectors. He has a wide range of commercial contract experience, including complex franchise and outsourcing arrangements.

Recently, Alan has prepared and reviewed contracts and commercial arrangements across a number of diverse areas, including software supply and maintenance terms in the logistics sector, and catering arrangements for an internationally renowned arts centre.

Alan Grisedale