New guidance from Europe on insolvent contractors under procurement rules

A helpful and practical interpretation from the Advocate General provides clarity on public procurement and Regulation 72 when a contractor goes insolvent.

Goodbye state aid. Hello to a streamlined new world

The UK government has announced new laws to replace EU rules on public-funded subsidies to private and third sector entities.
When the UK left …

Advice for contracting authorities as government gears up for procurement law reform

The Cabinet Office has set out advice and guidance for contracting authorities ahead of major reforms to procurement law.

Post-Brexit amends for UK procurement rules

Changes to UK procurement rules. Find out about legislation designed to secure access to UK markets post-Brexit.

Public Sector urged to get up to date with GPA and EU Trade & Co-Operation Agreement  

Alison Walton, Head of Public Procurement, reviews the latest procurement policy note (PPN 02/21) from the Cabinet Office which has urged all public sector bodies to familiarise themselves with new procurement provisions in international agreements. 

Radical changes to public tendering ahead?

Alison Walton, Partner and Head of Public Procurement at Muckle LLP, explains the new Government proposals to reform public procurement law, but will they really make life easier for businesses bidding for public sector work?

What happens when Find a Tender Service replaces OJEU?

When the Brexit transition ends at 11pm on 31 December, a new service replaces the EU’s OJEU – here’s what you need to know.

Council clears the air in procurement challenge

High Court has refuses summary judgment to a claimant in a procurement challenge and lifts the automatic suspension on awarding the contract in favour of Newcastle City Council.

Pay promptly or pay the price!

Alison Walton, Head of Public Procurement, explores the regime in place to encourage prompt payment within supply chains and the implications that late payment …

Zero value tenders – are they valid?

Whether you’re a contracting authority, a contractor or supplier, a new ruling has changed how proposed fees in bids should be assessed. Our public procurement experts explain.