Review: DfE’s Best practice guidance for school complaints procedures 2019

A best practice checklist for you to consider against your complaints procedure.

Better off with an NDA or nada?

Our experts review the use of non-disclosure agreements, with some best practice advice on how to use them appropriately.

Blue Christmas: A cautionary tale

You might be off-site and off the clock, but employers can still be liable for their employees’ behaviour, as this case proves.

Rogue One: A vicarious liability data breach story

A recent Court of Appeal case found an employer liable for the actions of a rogue employee, even though they played no direct part in their employee’s wrong doing. We’ve got some advice on how to avoid falling foul of vicarious liability.

Cyber-criminals target schools

Cyber attack

Some brief advice for schools on dealing with the latest scams and cyber attacks

Putting the ‘read’ into readiness


“Let us read and let us dance – two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.” Voltaire

Duty to Disclose…

Women with head in hands

Our experts review a recent Supreme Court ruling to uphold a headteacher’s dismissal, with some interesting observations, analysis and advice.

“Going concern” a growing concern

Budget calculater

With financial pressures getting greater every year, check out these five top tips to help you manage things like budgets, staffing costs and trust reserves.

New landmarks on the data protection horizon

In the as yet unsettled waters of privacy and data protection, GDPR expert Gillian Scribbins, of Muckle LLP, flags up the developments organisations should be aware of to stay afloat.

A brighter future for children of the North

Following the recent ‘Growing up North’ report we have compiled an overview of the main headlines and recommendations to keep you up to date.