Top tips for recovering debts

Useful advice to help businesses recover payments.

Who signed this?

We explain how unauthorised signatures can be legally binding, costly and more common than you think.

What Brexit may mean for Dispute Resolution – Part 2

Following on from our first instalment of ‘What Brexit may mean for Dispute Resolution’, we now look to examine the impact that Brexit may …

A.I. revolutionising the legal sector

Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise the legal profession, according to a recent report by Jomati Consultants, a leading strategic legal consultancy.

What Brexit may mean for Dispute Resolution – Part 1

In times of economic and commercial change, parties are often forced to (re)consider whether their contracts are still financially viable, whether they can fulfil …

Ink V IT

In increasingly digital times, are electronic signatures best or is the trusty old pen still the mightiest option.

Top tips for harmonious recruitment

When it comes to finding the right person to fill a role, recruitment agencies can be a massive help by doing a lot of …

Contentious issues on the cobbles

Challenging a Will? Our trusts and inheritance disputes specialist has some advice on what to watch out for.

Service by SMS

Sending a text is often the most convenient way to communicate these days. However, it is unusual to think of the court allowing official documents to be served in this manner.

Truckloads of compensation to be claimed

Does your business buy or lease trucks? If so, you could be owed thousands of pounds of compensation.