Will you, won’t you, join the dance?

Rural and private client lawyer Luke Busbridge peers through his looking glass to consider estate planning during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Residential landlord and tenant update

Managing property has been through a number of changes brought in due to COVID-19. Here’s our short and snappy guide to what’s new and what’s coming up.

Benefitting from the proceeds of crime?

The Forfeiture Act prevents a person who has unlawfully killed another person from inheriting their estate, but are there exceptions?

The post-COVID-19 world and landed estates

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have been talking to lots of landowners recently. Here David Towns reveals what his landed estate clients feel the future holds.

Public Footpath ‘do’s and don’ts’ for landowners

With more people exploring their local area during Lockdown, we examine the ‘dos and don’ts’ for private landowners whose land is subject to public rights of way.

Landlord and Tenant Briefing

Landlord and tenant banner

The Coronavirus has seen the UK public retreat on a mass scale to the comfort of their own homes with the country in effect …

The £1 million Inheritance Tax threshold – fact or fiction?

From 6th April, 2020, the combined inheritance tax nil rate band will be £1 million. Find out what this means here – and what is fact or fiction.

Data Protection Update: Landed Estates and Residential Property Landlords

What is data protection and why should you ensure you are compliant? Read our fact sheet here.

Consequences of the death of a partner or shareholder/director

What are the repercussions of no valid will after the death of a partner or shareholder on a farming business?

Interference with sporting rights

High Court upholds ruling in Clochfaen Estate Limited v Bryn Blaen Wind Farm Ltd case