National Cyber Security Centre launched

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The Government has created a new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to improve the protection of UK companies against cyber attack. It is designed to guard against what GCHQ have described as the ‘industrial scale theft of intellectual property’ from UK companies and universities.

The NCSC, based in London, will help to implement the national cyber security plan and is part of a drive to increase spending on cyber defence to £1.9bn by 2020. Robert Hannigan, director of GCHQ, has expressed concerns that the private sector in the UK has failed to protect itself adequately, posing a threat to strategic businesses and the wider economic wellbeing of the UK.

As part of its work, the NCSC will co-ordinate with the Bank of England to ensure that the UK’s burgeoning financial sector is properly protected, but its remit will be to help companies across all sectors. The NCSC will act as a ‘one-stop’ authority on cyber security and will provide clarity for businesses unsure of where to turn when dealing with cyber security issues, unifying the various sources of support and advice currently available to UK businesses.

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