Making Adjudication more affordable

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The Construction and Engineering Team at Muckle LLP has a long track record of successful adjudication in disputes large and small.

When legal disputes are pursued, the winner rarely gets to recover costs from the loser. Furthermore, the costs of paying a consultant or lawyer to conduct adjudication on your behalf can sometimes even exceed the amount that you recover. This discourages companies with legitimate interests from pursuing their lawful remedies.

This is why we provide certainty for the fees that you pay when pursuing a dispute.

Our capped fee cost offering

Claim Value Capped fee
Up to a value of £15,000 Up to £5,000
Between £15,000 and £25,000 Up to £10,000
Between £25,000 and £50,000 Up to £15,000
Between £50,000 and £75,000 Up to £25,000
Between £75,000 and £100,000 Up to £40,000
Above £100,000 or those with exceptional or unusual levels of complexity
(such as requiring extensive expert evidence)
Up to £50,000







How it works

We cap our fee at not more than the amount shown for a claim of particular value. If we spend less time than the capped fee, then you only pay for what we have spent – and we will give you a full time record. If we spend more, you will only pay the capped fee stated and we carry any additional cost.

Points to note

If the defendant cross-adjudicates you this will be a second adjudication which will also generate a separate legal cost. Our capped fee does not include any costs of expert witnesses, nor the adjudicator’s own fees which he can sometimes order you to pay in whole or in part.

Your team

Assisted by their Paralegals, our specialist construction adjudication lawyers have more than 40 years’ experience between them of successful adjudication.

To get Muckle LLP adjudication experts on your side, please telephone Rob Langley
on 0191 211 7975.

View or download our Capped Legal Fees for Adjudications leaflet.