Dan Graham and Emily Linsdell at table

Professional development

We don’t just say it, we really mean it – Muckle is 100 percent committed to helping every single team member realise their full potential. So whatever role you have with us, we’ll provide you with ample opportunities to access training that will help you hone your skills and keep your career moving in the right direction.

In fact, your development will begin from the day you join us. On arrival you’ll find we provide a comprehensive introduction programme aimed at helping you to become integrated quickly into the Firm. And throughout your career with us we will continue to provide ongoing development opportunities to ensure that you have all the skills you need to succeed.

Of course, while providing our people with support that will enable them to excel, we think it’s only fair that we they are also encouraged to take responsibility for their own career and development, both in their business activities and in the wider community. So that is precisely what we do.