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Vacation Placement Scheme

So, you think you might want to end up working for a firm like Muckle one day? Okay, so how about we let you get some proper, hands-on experience to see if it really could be the career and the place for you? Sounds good? Then read on.

Each year we accept about 20 students on vacation placements. And while we get rather more people than that applying, we deliberately keep the numbers down to ensure that those who do come here get the very most out of their experience.

If you are bright, focused and enthusiastic enough to be one of them, you’ll work here in a ‘trainee’ capacity for a week, experiencing our distinctive Muckle culture and getting to know more about us, what we do and the clients we do it for. We’ll make sure you get real working experience of some of our main practice areas – these being corporate, commercial, real estate, construction, employment, banking and dispute resolution – as well as getting to find out what some of our other specialist teams do.

To help you settle in and find your way around, one of our current trainees will be assigned to be your ‘buddy’. You’ll have lunch with them and our other current trainees, giving you the perfect opportunity to ask questions about life as a trainee here. At the end of the week there’ll be a review session with a member of the graduate recruitment team, after which you can unwind with the team over an end-of-the-week drink or two, giving you a great chance to ask a few more questions.

If this seems like something you shouldn’t miss, we recommend you apply for a vacation placement in the same year as you apply for a training contract.

How to apply
You can apply by completing our online application form. This is the only way you can apply. The dates for our application processes are set out in the Key Dates page.

Please check out our key dates for other application deadlines and remember to have a look at our FAQs. If you would like further information on graduate recruitment, please contact Judith Birkett or email us.