Anthony and Neena at table


Choosing who we offer training contracts to is an extremely onerous and difficult undertaking. After all, the standard of applicants at this stage is exceptionally high and anyone who gets this far in the process has done fantastically well. So to make sure we get it right, no-one escapes the dreaded interview process before being offered a place on our Vacation Placement Scheme or, for those who have applied directly for a training contract, the chance to be part of the Muckle Assessment Day.

Each candidate is interviewed by two of the meanest members of the Graduate Recruitment Team (just kidding – they’re all very nice really) and generally speaking this lasts for around forty-five minutes. For anybody lucky enough to be studying or working abroad at the time of vacation placement, interviews are conducted via Teams/video link. (See, we told you no-one escapes.)

And because we like people to feel relaxed and welcome when they come to Muckle, not terrified and threatened, we try to make our interviews as informal as possible. So applicants don’t have to worry about putting together a presentation or anything like that. Instead, we chat to them about their application forms, why they think they will fit in here and their motivation for wanting to come and work with us.

The last stage of the application process is an interview with Stephanie Brown, who leads the Graduate Recruitment Team, and Jason Wainwright, our Managing Partner. This is all relatively informal too – although we appreciate the applicants themselves might not think this is the case! Then, once all the interviews have taken place, we call each applicant individually to let them know their fate.