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Muckle called up to bat for the Caribbean Premier League

Muckle called up to bat for the Caribbean Premier League

We act for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), one of the three major international T20 cricket tournaments held annually.

The challenge

CPL is an innovator in its field harnessing the use of emerging technologies to reach audiences. CPL was the first professional sports league live on Facebook, the first cricket league to broadcast all their matches live on Facebook, and the first cricket league to run a Twitter amplifier campaign.

Our approach to their legal support needed to be equally as innovative. Fortunately our commercial team has a broad and diverse range of skills in this area and have extensive experience in advising the tech sector.

The solution

CPL is at the forefront of technology and this has led to us providing advice on a number of exciting initiatives including an agreement for the creation, development and marketing of digital collectibles in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from CPL's archive.

We also advised on an agreement relating to the use of a 'smart' ball that uses revolutionary technology to register data points (such as the speed and spin of a ball) which is significantly more accurate than radar or ball tracking technology and sends information to commentators in real time as well as being graphically displayed for fans to enjoy during the live telecast.

We recently worked with CPL on agreements to develop a fan messaging service using digital avatars of its players and a white-label TV chat application.

The impact

CPL's total viewership in 2021 was 517.4 million across linear TV and digital channels. It's adoption of non-traditional technology has meant the CPL is seen as innovators in the sport and has allowed it to harness multiple platforms to broaden its reach and stimulate growth.

We’ve worked closely with CPL to support its delivery of a series of successful tournaments including during the pandemic with closed door tournaments taking place in 2020 and 2021.

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